White Spots On Tongue

How to Get Rid of White Spots On the Tongue, Otherwise Known as Tonsil Stones and Tonsilloliths

A lot of people become very concerned when they find a white spot on their throat. If you find one, you will want to consult a physician right away. White spots located on the throat can be indicative of a number of conditions. You could have tonsil stones that are medically known as tonsiloliths. These stones have also been called cryptic tonsils. But, these stones are not an ongoing condition. Basically, the spots result when food debris and mucus become hard and build up in the area surrounding the tonsils. The food debris gets stuck in the crevices of the tonsils, while mucus is gradually released by the body. The food debris turns into bacteria, which in turn, encourages the growth of additional bacteria. Tonsil stones are also a main reason for certain other conditions such as halitosis and throat pain.

Several remedies for this issue are available. You always have the choice of taking antibiotics or other prescription pills. If your case is particularly bad, this might be the best course of action. A severe case is characterized by a stone that is extremely large or in an area of the mouth that is difficult to access. On occasion, you might even need a surgical procedure if the mass is overly large. A great method of eliminating tonsil stones in the throat is to perform one or more of the many available homeopathic treatments.

Some of the easier at-home treatments follow:

Mix some salt with warm water and gargle.

You can also add powdered pepper and turmeric powder to the saltwater solution and gargle.

Yet another gargle solution is to combine fenugreek seed concentrate with lime juice, salt and water, then boil them together.

You should always consume plenty of fluids, including soups and vegetable juice. You should try not to eat solid food.

Report any problems to your dentist, and update him/her on your progress. You should also consider getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist every six months in order to keep from getting halitosis.

Once your tonsil stones are eliminated, and your halitosis dissipates, you should go out and get a new toothbrush.

Make sure the items you use to clean your mouth are stored in a sterile container that is apart from other hygiene items to prevent new infections.

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